Zenith is capital of the Commerce Republic and an impressive feat of engineering in its own right. Spanning an artificial island and sporting some of the largest and most sophisticated atmospheric manipulation equipment on the planet, the sky over Zenith’s three mile-high supertowers is constantly awash with multicolored brilliance as ambient radiation and solar winds smash against a titanic artificial magnetic field. The white-and-mirror motif of the supertowers is reflected in most of Zenith’s other structures, and the city acts as a glimmering, multicolored beacon out to many miles from its three massive harbors.

Zenith is home to all major branches of the Serican government, ESIS and ISIS high command, and the supercorporation Absolon Universal. Unlike other Serican supercities that draw pride from their age or foundation on pre-collapse predecessors, Zenith was founded by numerous bands of utopian pilgrims drawn south after the collapse. It remained, understandably, incredibly isolated for most of post-collapse, pre- SEC history, but early in the Era of Communication that isolation and relative neutrality in the conflicts that wracked other Serican cities made it the natural choice for capital.

More recently, Zenith’s Antimatter research facility has been announced as the site of Serica’s, and in fact the world’s, first antimatter reactor for public power generation. While there has been no end of propagandizing, speculation, and outright terror regarding the reactor’s activation (or theoretical failure), all plans seem to be proceeding for it to shoulder the load currently borne by several muon-catalyzed fusion installations around the Eye of Serica region.

Zenith is considered wealthy, clean, and well-educated. While some of the less-loved elements of the government draw criticism, the city itself remains remarkably free of crime and corruption even as it stretches inexorably outward and upward.


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