Thunderhammer II Cannon

The Republican Steel Thunderhammer II Cannon is a Commerce Republic produced twin 252mm naval gun with surprisingly short 26 foot adaptive rotary-braked bores. It’s cartridges weigh between 400 and 600 pounds and yield an effective range of nine nautical miles.

It is not a weapon capable of being taken lightly.

Redesigned from the Thunderhammer I to better interface with the leaner new model of Thunderhead Battlecruiser, the Thunderhammer II sports shorter barrels and smaller projectiles but experiences a significant increase in line-of-sight accuracy. This is owed in part to its colossal variable-ported rotating muzzle brakes, whose movement is linked to the ship’s overall fire control system. The ship’s ‘combat ballast’ systems are also considered a form of active recoil mitigation for the Thunderhammer, and all work in concert to sustain accurate fire while maintaining speed and profile.

The Thunderhammer II is designed for simultaneous fire, which produces not only peak accuracy but almost guarantees keeling the target, with even near misses torquing a hull enough to cause a catastrophic centerline fracture and swift journey to the ocean floor. This effectiveness is mirrored on land and aerial targets, which are subject to a 36+ psi overpressure area where the blast waves overlap. While engineers repeatedly tried and failed to designate this ‘the Thunderstrike’, ‘the Hammer Zone’, and a number of even less memorable labels, the tragically unnamed threat remains instantly devastating even to armored personnel and aircraft.

Production of the cannon stropped along with its host vessel early in The Reformation War, and it has yet to be copied or retrofitted on any significant scale. The Thunderhammer II is strictly worse than its predecessor as a coastal emplacement, but scavenged examples are nevertheless sighted defending pirate strongholds and Jahangi trade cities. Otherwise, the Thunderhammer II is almost never seen separated from the ship it was built for, and as such continues the journey towards obscurity despite unanimous praise from its designers, operators, and even victims.

Thunderhammer II Cannon

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