The Rastakgan Hierarchy

A strong, vibrant democracy (aside, of course, from its titular head of state) characterized by its extremely charismatic and accountable leaders, the Hierarchy was remarkably developed despite its relative lack of wealth. Inhabiting the lush and resource-rich isles of Rastakgan, the Hierarchy faced a constant choice between the wild exploitation of Serican supercorporations and the complete economic isolation used by their southern neighbors to get their way. The border between the two nations was an impoverished region of crime, violence, and wild desperation. Eventually, this led Salveus Neccaro, the last Prime Hierarch of Rastakgan, to commit his people to the tragedy of The Reformation War.

Rastakgan has a rich and ancient culture, with some of its supercities possessing intact records centuries into the Era of Silence. Unlike Serica, Rastakgan has a strong history as a unified state, with treaties binding its cities (and even, in some records, large swaths of Jah) into the first the Northeastern Trade Pact, Equatorial Union, and finally Northeastern Salvation Alliance before the founding of Rastakgan proper (and the ill-fated Northern Liberation Alliance). Some Rastakgic regions have their own rich individual cultures, with cities and even small settlements proudly tracing their migration or founding from great metropolises and peoples of the past. The pride of the nation as a whole, however, consistently superseded all other allegiances until the state’s brutal and total dismantlement over the course of the War.

Traditionally, Rastakgan has viewed foreign interests with a healthy dose of skepticism (at best) and outright terror (at worst). This was true from the most isolated mountaintop settlements, many of which went whole cycles without contacting the outside world, to the cosmopolitan retreats in the heart of Rastakgan’s great urban centers. Much of this distrust was (correctly) attributed to the incredibly aggressive policies of foreign supercorporations, but was maintained even through periods of relative harmony as a result of strong historical and religious biases holding the great Southern states responsible for both the state of Arcatia as a whole and the relative weakness of Rastakgan in current affairs. Though happy to take the money of its Southern neighbors in the forms of tourism and environmental preservation grants, Rastakgan’s ‘us against the world’ perspective never faltered. From the Hierarch to the most common technician, a combination of tradition, propaganda, and simple education ensured none of it’s people wanted to see their verdant homeland go the way of the cold and desolate South.

Despite its small size and technological inferiority to all but The Jahangi Coalition, the Rastakgic military was renowned for its inventive tactics, highly disciplined officers, and brutally effective weapons and vehicles, a reputation reinforced by the War. The development of the Rapid Adaptation Mutagen indicates Rastakgic biotechnology research was clearly far beyond its peers, with the Mutagen’s origins and early development a secret many would kill to possess. Rastakgan’s environmental technology was also of note, which contributed to their verdant natural farms and highly predictable weather, luxuries which are now little more than a fading memory.

Today, Rastakgan is the wasteland home of warlords, pirates, mutants, and terrorists. Powerful warlords in Guar and Ratago have carved some semblance of government out of their ruined supercities, and there are rumors of a desperately corrupt micro-state in Salvani as well. The Rebirth is perhaps the most powerful claimant to the wasted throne of the Hierarchy, but finds its influence largely limited to the isolated communities of the wastelands and dejected exiles of Midstream, as warlords in the city-states are loath to give up their power.

Supercities and Regions of note:
-The Scourge
-The Tangle
-The Fog
-The Preserve
-The Line
Nuerte Noperto

Notable Rastakgic Military Assets:
Avenger-model VTOL
Martyr-model Boarding Torpedo
Reclaimer-class Light Assault Vessel
Liberator-class Battlecruiser
Slith-designation Stealth Vector (internal model name unknown)
Carnifex-designation Heavy Vector (internal model name unknown)

The Rastakgan Hierarchy

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