The Pax Equilibrium

A strange hybrid between the international Human Equilibrium movement and the regional Pax Vilum government, The Pax Equilibrium one of the smallest and wealthiest nations of Arcatia. Locally, the Equilibrium is a heavily socialized, economically isolationist, and self-sufficient democracy. Internationally, however, it supports numerous peacekeeping operations and humanitarian aid programs. These are backed by the adaptable personnel of the Seeker program and elite Peacekeeper special forces. The Equilibrium is the only nation to provide official support to the inhabitants of Rastakgan after the events of The Reformation War.

Government is headed by two elected councils of nine Elders, one representing the global interests of the Human Equilibrium and the other the local demands of Pax Vilum. Elders retain their seats for 10 years, and one year after taking office the combined Councils select a First Family. This married couple acts as a dual head-of-state for the next 9 years, though their political power is limited. Each spouse is intended to represent a separate wing of the government. Traditionally, the female has acted as the figurehead of local affairs while the male takes the helm of international relations. Same-sex couples are not barred from the position, though the only such pair to be elected declined. If one or both members of the First Family pass away, their term ceases and the nation is considered in a ‘state of mourning’ until the next council (and thus First Family) is elected. As the position is largely ceremonial, this has very little effect on anything but popular culture. Policymaking itself is decided largely by referendum.

Vilum’s average level of technological advancement is considered beyond all other nations save for The Dassadin Protectorate. Although only the third largest producer of natural foods, citizens of the Equilibrium enjoy much greater access to non-synthetic meat, fruits, and vegetables. Vilum also possesses the second greatest number of self-sustaining ecosystems.

Internationally, Vilum is seen by many as a neutral party. Equilibrium representatives act as arbiters in numerous conflicts around the planet. The Serican Commerce Republic enjoys perhaps the friendliest relationship with Vilum, possessing mutual defense and enforcement pacts, economic agreements, and travel regulations that tie the two nations closer than any others on Arcatia. They are not, however, without enemies. They possess only a simple cease-fire agreement with the Protectorate, and the two take every opportunity to waylay and sabotage each other. Even with multiple armed conflicts reported in international waters, the cease fire has managed to remain in place for over thirty cycles.

Vilum sports two internationally competitive corporations: Dreamstate Consciousness Dynamics and Journey’s End, as well as shared ownership of the Isalis Atmospherics corporation with the Commerce Republic. It’s 48 million legal inhabitants are spread across four Supercities and a number of smaller agricultural and environmental settlements.

Major Pax population centers:
Surya’s Gift
Dimor’s Pride

The Pax Equilibrium

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