The Dassadin Protectorate

Despite being one of only four sovereign states of Arcatia, The Dassadin Protectorate has remained an incredibly mysterious place. Based entirely on the frigid southern subcontinent Dassadin (no surprises there), the Protectorate government is, in the eyes of the rest of the world, as cold as its climate. Though by all accounts it seems to be a very open social democracy, with five directly-elected branches (Executive, Advisory, Legislative, Judicial, and Academic) and numerous checks and balances, the rest of the planet sees very little of this. What they do so is an attitude of superiority, failure to intervene in foreign crises or provide any sort of international trade, a complete lack of commercial opportunity and import freeze, despite Protectorate corporations selling their products worldwide, and a number of extremely questionable and entirely unexplained actions around the planet.

Dassadin has admitted to enforcing a planned reproduction program, in which parents are selected by the state for desirable genetic characteristics. The extent of this program is not known. While it is common for foreigners to paint a dystopian picture of the Protectorate on the basis of this policy alone, its continued existence in a purely democratic nation implies that there are measures to suitably protect individual rights, or that the benefits simply outweigh the cost. Either way, the public stands behind the program. From this knowledge grows another strange stereotype: that the Protectorate abducts foreigners with some frequency, never returning them to their homeland. This belief has caused everything from minor scandals to violent attacks on Dassadin embassies and even presidential assassinations. It is unclear whether (or to what degree) the claims are true, but Serican and Unity officials have never pushed the issue.

Protectorate technology is often considered the most advanced on the planet, and for good reason. Serican corporations will sometimes announce new and experimental innovations, only to be immediately shut down by a superior offering from a Dassadin-based company, as if they had it in storage and were simply waiting for the rest of Arcatia to catch up before releasing it for public consumption. This is true in almost all sectors; from armaments to pharmaceuticals. Four Protectorate Supercorporations participate in international trade: the three signatories to the Economic Singularity Accords as well as Prescon Pharmaceuticals, recently acquired from the Commerce Republic in a 1 trillion Credit buyout.

The Protectorate military is rarely seen and universally feared. Backed by the most advanced weapons, armor, and vehicles on the planet, Protectorate forces are renowned for their swift and subtle interventions, rarely leaving evidence of their presence. Their last official action was during The Reformation War, whose tumultuous conclusion has brought massive international criticism down upon the Protectorate.

The Dassadin Protectorate is at peace with every nation save The Pax Equilibrium, with whom it has possessed a simple cease-fire since the end of the Reformation War. Protectorate and Equilibrium forces are known to sabotage each other’s interests around the globe, up to and including open combat in international waters.

The Dassadin Protectorate

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