The Rebirth is a mysterious organization by any standard. Lacking in any obvious centralized command structure, its members can be found peacefully demonstrating for the rights of Mutagen victims or launching merciless large-scale terrorist attacks against civilian targets. What they hold in common is their message. Those who have felt the touch of the mutagen are not only human, and deserving of all the dignity and respect that entails, but something more. Something better. And that in the end, they are quite literally the next evolution of the human race.

The Rebirth benefits directly from one of the most vicious cycles of Arcatian sociology. Mutants are commonly faced with fear and hatred, generating a well of powerful emotions Rebirth leaders have no trouble harnessing for their own (often horrific) ends. In turn, the common people characterize mutants as even more dangerous, violent, and untrustworthy than initially believed, and their spite drives more active recruits into the Rebirth’s arms (and claws, and fins, and tentacles).

Some larger Rebirth operations indicate that communication must take place between the organization’s isolated cells, but to what extent a central command exists (or the nonviolent elements are informed of their more bloodthirsty comrades’ decisions) is entirely unclear. The Serican Commerce Republic is the most common victim of their aggressions, though all nations have at one point or another found themselves the victims of a Rebirth attack. Like most terrorist organizations, the Rebirth’s weapon of choice tends to be improvised explosives, though a large number of attacks are carried out in a way that draws attention to the unconventional biology of the perpetrators. Oftentimes operations are carried out in ways which would not be especially viable for unaltered human beings, or completely unnecessary evidence (excess claw marks, visibly inhuman fluids) is left to eliminate all doubt as to how the attack was conducted. This is believed to be the result of newer or less critical members attempt to put their philosophy into action and prove themselves, as some fairly critical corporate and even national conflicts have later been discovered to be the result of the Rebirth carefully exercising restraint and pitting threats against one another.

Rumors and observations gathered from underworld sources indicate the Rebirth may be entirely more cohesive than it seems, and Jior, the utterly destroyed capital of the former Rastakgan Hierarchy, has been mentioned as a seat of power. It is commonly known that the Rebirth considers the wastelands of Rastakgan its home, and supports the re-establishment of the Hierarchy, but most believe the connections end their, and the Rebirth bears no more relation to old Hierarchy leadership than any of the other factions vying for supremacy within the former nation


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