Magnar Industrial

The largest supercorporation by employment, Magnar Industrial holds exclusive contracts with both the Serican and Unity governments. Magnar provides all manner of heavy equipment; from personal metalworking tools to colossal submarine mining installations. They also control the majority of Arcatia’s ‘utility’ metals, including iron, tungsten, and uranium, as well as the facilities that refine these minerals into products like steel hulls and fuel rods. There is no factory in Serica or the Unity that does not contain a Magnar machine, and no vehicle or structure that does not trace its origins to their mines.

Magnar also has its hands in energy production, and pioneered the process of efficient ‘hot’ atomic fusion using a ‘fast ignition’ inertial confinement process. Their gigantic, well-shielded, and monstrously powerful reactor can be found across their host nations. More conventional power sources are also explored, and Magnar produces both their own fission reactors in various sizes and configurations as well as aftermarket parts and equipment for those made by other corporations. Magnar’s Isothermal Constant Radioisotope Generator research and production competes directly with Aerotech’s, though the reputation of each has led them to design specific variants which fill somewhat different niches. Magnar is also the chief producer of the liquid mineral/molten salt batteries that are ubiquitous in heavy transport and industrial equipment around the world.

Magnar’s final great pursuit is shipping, and it is believed they own more than a third of the heavy cargo vessels on the planet. They are not hesitant to rent these to other nations or companies at competitive prices.

Even with more than four thousand times the staff and a captive customer base in two nations, Magnar’s profits have never topped that of Absolon Universal. The reasons for this are many. First, Magnar tends to specialize in relatively simple low-profit trades, whereas the large R and D costs of Absolon’s products is wildly offset by their tiny production cost and enormous pricetag. Perhaps more glaringly, Magnar is seen as a relatively solid corporation that consistently provides for its employees, despite them numbering in the millions and stretching across borders. The average Magnar executive makes no more than five times the salary of their average hard laborer, and both receive similar benefits. Absolon, on the other hand, employees a handful of (often independently wealthy) geniuses more than willing to invest their own private resources further in the company, and requiring nothing beyond the corporation’s stunning reputation and minor stock incentives to ensure their service and loyalty.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Magnar Industrial is its consistent reluctance to throw around its weight. Despite holding significant power over the two largest nations on the planet, Magnar rarely backs international initiatives, supports or opposes policies, or seeks to further monopolize its trade, all of which could be done without difficulty. Some think this is because they do not wish to challenge their already strong position balanced between superpowers, or because of some back-room agreement that cripples the corporation’s ability to interfere in the business of its host governments. Others, however, apply the same argument they apply to the fairly tame ambitions of the Unity. Magnar already has everything it could reasonably want to ensure an eternity of prosperity. There is no compelling need or reason to act differently.

Magnar Industrial

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