Advance Agriculture Federation

The Advance Agriculture Federation was a colossal economic monopoly that traces its ancestry to a number of Era of Silence moguls. Headquartered in Northreich, the Federation was formed in response to the founding of the Commerce Republic, as a means by which a number of individuals who once held almost absolute power over their local domains could retain their influence in the face of a unified federal government. The Federation was monstrously successful, exploiting every loophole the infant nation left it and consolidating its power over 98% of the country’s arable land, a percentage that only dropped as property terraformed by Isalis and Absolon was bought by the Republic.

So successful was the Federation that during the great recession and famine of 391 it found it’s economic power rivaling that of the government. As conditions worsened, the Federation continued to raise prices and wildly expand its powerbase into the Serican Council itself. A later-exposed secret agreement with the Unity promised the installation of several officials more amenable to Unity global interests and local economic plays (mostly through Magnar) in exchange for the Unity fabricating and acting on a host of reasons to suspend artificial and natural food shipments. The Federation apparently convinced the Unity that the long-term benefits outweighed drawing the immediate ire of the current Serican government and people, as well as the Pax authorities working to provide aid.

Even the Kesterhearth split did not seem to stall the Federation’s meteoric rise, though the Federation proved unable to prevent the election of populist President Aaron Halsh in 394. By this point, it was not uncommon for Federation private security to retake assets seized by citizens or rogue former employees through breaching actions and protracted sieges. Rather than continuing the government’s passive role of collecting and persecuting suspects after the Federation had retaken its property, Halsh authorized ESIS and ISIS authorities to use lethal force in defense of ANY citizens threatened by private security forces, regardless of previous crimes or Federation allegations. The immediate result was open war in the streets of Northreich, which the Federation wisely withdrew from in a matter of days, ceding authority back to the federal government.

Less than a decycle later, however, President Halsh’s GEV was destroyed leaving Zenith. He had held office for less than a cycle, and in his short term had done little more than win the unquestioning public support of the vast majority of the Serican population. At the time it could not be proven that the Federation was in any way linked to his death, but after four years of famine and depression the Serican people did not care.

It is rare for a Supercorporation to be physically destroyed. Buyouts, mergers, re-imaginings, and acquisitions are relatively common, and total bankruptcy theoretically feasible, but Advance Agriculture Federation has the rare honor of being the only supercorporate entity to be dismantled at a physical level. From its corporate spire to the smallest growth monitoring station, Serica’s enraged citizenry stormed every Federation property they could find, and despite orders from Federation-owned counselors ESIS and ISIS did nothing to stop them. The top officers of the government’s two security branches tendered their resignation and effectively severed the chain of command, creating a period of uncertainty and hesitation that gave the Serican people all the time they needed. Buildings burned, ships sunk, and across Northreich and Serica as a whole Federation personnel dangled, trailing the fiber cables that strangled the life from their bodies, from a hundred thousand windows. Estimates put the total death toll for the day of the Federation’s fall at just over 31,000.

Aside from the immediate and absolute destruction of the Federation and split of its assets between Kesterhearth and Serican Bounty, the famine has had an impact on Serican culture that is still strongly felt. Most citizens have parents or grandparents that were directly effected. Hanging was immediately canonized as a symbol of justice, the ’people’s law’. It is still common for antagonists to find themselves hung in modern media, and Riverstar‘s small ISIS headquarters features a notoriously graphic thirty-foot sculpture of an anonymous hanging man (despite complaints of public offense, every ISIS Administrator has echoed the sentiment that the day they are told to take down the sculpture will be the day they resign). It also marked more or less the end of the word ’Federation’, with organizations and institutions avoiding the title at all costs and it joining ‘kingdom’, ‘hand’, ‘empire’, ‘dominion’, ‘hegemony’ and (later) ‘hierarchy’ in the Serican media lexicon of ‘words for a bad-guy government’.

Much more importantly, the fall of the Federation caused an immense cooling in relations with the Unity, and is a large factor in why they are looked at as a potential foe today, despite close cooperation in the significantly more devastating and recent Reformation War.

Advance Agriculture Federation

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