Reclaimer (Ship)

Cheap, hardy, and utilitarian, the Reclaimer is a versatile small amphibious vehicle developed by The Rastakgan Hierarchy and still popular today, some forty cycles after the cessation of all production.

Adapted from existing short range all-terrain utility haulers, the Reclaimer is an angular, 28-foot armored box that rips slowly but surely through even the most severe weather. It’s natural buoyancy and on-board life support systems give its crew a survivability and range rare in such a small open-water craft, and it can mount a number of weapon fittings, haul several tons of cargo, or transport a platoon-strength infantry contingent (albeit in exceeding discomfort) to boot. Finally, the Reclaimer’s twin drive treads can function on land as well, grinding over difficult terrain with ease. Massive twin banks of Magnar liquid salt batteries gave the Reclaimer hundreds of miles of effective range, and the capability to shed depleted cells (and thus weight) in emergency situations further pushed the boundaries of this simple craft.

Though Reclaimers existed for nearly 110 cycles before the beginning of The Reformation War, they are most often pictured in one of their wartime variants. Frequently employed as troop transports with twin Lithis Heartbreaker banks, Reclaimers could also mount a variety of more specialized weapons, a launching platform for the terrifying Martyr-model Boarding Torpedo, or even temporary docking pads for single aircraft, acting as re-armament and tender ships and enabling extremely long-range strikes behind enemy lines.

Despite the losses of the War, overproduction, ease of maintenance and enduring popularity mean there are still well over a thousand functional Reclaimers still in service, seen in everything from Jahangi humanitarian missions to Supercorporate subcontractors and pirate flotillas.

Reclaimer (Ship)

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