Leo Nodamard

A blonde man of medium height wearing sunglasses. (Read; Wesker)


This young Serican stands just under six fight tall, and while not what anyone would call built, is clearly in decent shape. A pale white line runs horizontally along the length of his throat, showing that sometimes even the best care doesn’t quite cut it. He sports a pair of black sunglasses, the from of which seems a bit thicker than is necessary for fashion or helping his vision. In the rare moments when these come off of his face, a set of sky blue eyes are exposed, darting around all the time. On his wrist he wears a strange instrument of sorts, a metal bracelet with a dial on it that seems to give off a hissing sound ever once in a while.

Generally slung across is back is a bolt-action rifle, the rare wooden stock covered with decorations in platinum. The Jahangi piece of work is a testament to good craftmanship, and the weapon was likely custom-made, though it is certainly similar to more standard models.

Often by his side are a pair of large, wolf-like creatures, musk dogs. Both are large animals with beautiful grey or white coats, though both are a bit mottled. A distressing amount of intelligence can be seen in the eyes of these creatures… just before they unhinge their jaws and scoop up a slab of meat.


Leo’s friends know him as something of a self-made man. Officially he has a job in the genetics department of the food-based super corporation, Serrican Bounty, and while certainly showing something of a passion for genetics his main role in the organization seems to be something of a lower mid level corporate saboteur.

Little is known about him beyond this, as it seems his life revolves around his work, and his dogs. There is some reason to speculate (perhaps he said it as some point) that he was once a hunter. Though that itself is a bit weird in this land of intensely rare wildlife.

It has recently come to life that Leo’s father, an accountant with the Serrican Bounty corporation, tasks him with performing assassinations.

Leo Nodamard

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