Evelyn Sable

Creepy genius child


INT 18
movement speed x1/2

Errin (3)
Commerce (2)
Rastakgic (2)

Computer programming: 18-
SS: Robotics: 18-
Systems op: 17-
Cryptography: 16-
Electronics: 16-
Mechanics: 15-
Some other stuff: less important

1 CSL: short melee


Though she only appears to be about 8 years old, Evelyn is nearly 13 – which does nothing to explain her bizarrely high intelligence or preternatural computing skills. She escaped from her home country, the mysterious Dassadin Protectorate, at the age of 8, with only her childhood guardian – known only as “Mr. B”. In their years on the lam in the Kharak ashwastes, she built her aging protector a mobile suit out of scrap parts, in which he lived, though he eventually required a life-support system and augmenting computer system in the suit to remain at her side.

Evelyn has recently taken up with a group of accidental mercenaries calling themselves “The Carnifex Killer Brigade”. As a result of one of their more dangerous encounters, Mr. B has been removed from his suit – his condition is stable, but not self-sustaining. His fate is undecided.

Evelyn Sable

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