Valkore Rail Heist

Helix Initiative Awareness Project

Supporters of the Helix Initiative and Anonymous Witnesses of our deeds, welcome.

Tonight, it is our pleasure to bring you a piece assembled for your awareness by our friend EyesHigh. It’s not often that we comment here, but this one’s pretty juicy. Enjoy.

Received from “EyesHigh”:

Alright guys, it looks like the recent murders at a New Hope AMP Rail control center and debacle some citizens claim to have witnessed soaring through the skyline are no damn coincidence. I’ve stumbled across a Valkore file detailing a number of injuries received by their goons in what looks like a shootout onboard an AMP Rail convoy carrying something of ‘undetermined but significant’ value, as well as a ton of damage suits to go along with it. A few ISIS records and cracked terminals later, and best I can tell this is what went down:

-Early last night a small group (at least two, probs not many more) broke into AMP Rail Routing Center 4 near the New Hope Commercial District, killing one private security officer with what looks like pretty serious small arms and beating two technicians into a coma with shock batons of some sort before launching one of the most fucking beautiful systemwide cracks I’ve ever even heard of (can we find this guy?).

-Around the same time, another small group (5?) boarded an AMP car conveniently overlooked by the system and abandoned on an inactive stretch of rail.

-About five minutes later, the group at control slammed the stray car into the back of a 5-car Valkore convoy packed with like 20 security personnel, combat drones, and some cargo I can’t seem to pin down (looks like hardened servers: data, credits, or both). These goons fared a little better than the poor son of a bitch at the command center; looks like a lot of nonlethal ammunition got used on ‘em, no one died in the attack itself (though hospital records show one has since kicked it from a heart attack). This was one hell of a shootout, drones firing into moving cars, security shooting between windows, and what looks suspiciously like an active Interloper rampaging around INSIDE the tram. Barely thirty seconds in a pair of explosions blow the last two and front three cars away from the one with the perps in it, and like magic they get whisked away on different rails. Cameras didn’t get much of the details, but I’ll make sure a few of the earlier vids get out.

-This is where shit gets crazy (bet you thought that was it). The last car, perps and all, starts shooting towards the edge of the city, breaking recommended speed and then almost doubling it. Keep in mind, this thing’s barely held together after the fight. So that’s when I notice that this big GEV picking up speed in the harbor is running parallel to the damn train. Out of nowhere, the AMP support arm swings away from its foundation and out over the water, launching the car out towards the see at insane speed. Somehow, the GEV takes off and catches it right in its rear cargo hold before speeding off West. Cooler getaway than I’ve ever seen in a movie, and we got this on VIDEO!

-ESIS logs showed they found some floating wreckage in the barrier mountains that’s consistent with the GEV. Looks like the cons sunk it and switched transport. The vehicle was leased to two aliases that went nowhere. Seriously, we need to find these guys.

End Transcript

To our friends in 3sis, we’d like to reiterate that we’re as in the dark on this one as you are. As much as we’d love to claim the minds responsible were our own, it is evident they are not. When you catch those responsible, let us know. We might be willing to help out with the fines ;)


lol what are we the mysterious fot mercenery squad?

Valkore Rail Heist

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