The Long War

Human Equilibrium Newswave

Today is a sad day for global peace. Some say the video now sweeping the net is a fantastic forgery. They are wrong. We have verified the disappearance of the two ships lost and the one hundred and eleven souls on board. The attack depicted is a clear violation of the cease fire between The Dassadin Protectorate and our own Pax Equilibrium. With one abstention, the council of Elders has unanimously voted to put an unconditional revocation of the cease fire to public referendum. The first family has stood behind this decision. We ask all citizens of Pax and our friends around the world to stand with us against an enemy who believes themselves above the well-being of our world and human morality itself.

Talks have already begun with our allies in the Commerce Republic, who retain their state of exploited peace with the Protectorate. The Unity has vowed to maintain a state of ‘guarded neutrality’ in any conflict and, if the referendum is passed, will allow one week before temporarily ceasing all direct financial interaction between combatant governments (Supercorporations will retain their current arrangements). At that time, any Protectorate or Pax citizen or vessel under the control of their government and inside Unity waters or territory will be treated as a hostile combatant and dealt with accordingly. As this conflict will need the hands, hearts, and minds of each and every one of you, the government has recommended ALL overseas citizens not in Serican territory immediately make arrangements for their return. Embassies and Equilibrium offices will make sure the necessary resources are available to bring every child of Vilum home safely.

The Protectorate has yet to release any official statements, though all Economic Singularity Pact corporate offices in Vilum have temporarily halted services and closed to visitors.

A national day of mourning has been declared for the victims of the attack.


From a press conference with the first family-
“As the woman the Council elected to carry the hopes and dreams of each and every child of Vilum into the future, it with a heavy but determined heart that I see my people now committed to war for the first time in over three decades. We have always stood for peace, and as such cannot forgive any who would cry for war without reason. I beg the enlightened people of Dassadin to call down their government, a regime which has placed itself above the basic principles of man and risked the integrity of the planet itself to incinerate its enemies and friends alike in nuclear fire. End this while you can.”

The referendum to revoke the cease fire passed with the approval of over 87% of our people.

-Mercenary ambush commandeers Seeker ship, cutting off precious food supply to embattled Kharaki civilians and resulting in the surrender of several key freedom fighters.
-Devastation in Protectorate port city of Lisan, reports indicate large scale infighting between Protectorate forces. Guests placed in ‘protective custody’ and media blackout issued until the nature of the incident can be determined.
-Strange communications from off-course Jahangi Trade City indicate possible hijacking.



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