Ecoterrorist Attack Strikes Northreich

Republican Media Conglomerate

During the already dangerous coastal storm that continues to surround Northreich, a number of violent acts were perpetrated by an unidentified group of terrorists. The first and primary target appears to have been a covered dock outside the Serican Bounty municipal headquarters. The small structure was apparently housing a Moldis Medical Supply corporate GEV. Twelve Moldis security officers were killed in the attack while two more were injured and another remains in critical condition. Though the dock building itself suffered extensive structural damage from hand-held explosive devices and vehicle-borne weapons, the craft within remained almost entirely unharmed, though there is evidence some fighting took place inside.

An ISIS patrol responding to the incident spotted and pursued a lone, heavily armed gunship fleeing the scene. The escaping VTOL attempted to enter the city proper, but was quickly overtaken. The ISIS officer attempted to disable the craft with multiple missile strikes, but bystanders report military-grade countermeasures and armor protected it from significant harm. Some witnesses claim the perpetrator then turned and collided with the ISIS patrol craft, forcing both to crash-land in the city’s main channel.

The events that followed are subject to great debate. Evidently, the downed aggressor was recovered by a Rastakgic Destroyer, which soon turned and made full steam for the city floodgates. For reasons unknown (bribery, hacking, and inside support have all been suggested) an opening of the floodgates was authorized and put into motion, releasing a 60+ foot storm surge into the main channel. ISIS response was slowed by the need to recover the downed patrol VTOL and its pilot as well as secure the damaged docking facility. The order to open the floodgate was successfully reversed, but before it could close the fleeing destroyer fired on the gate’s drive pistons. One was destroyed completely and another heavily damaged under the barrage of military-grade ordnance. Amazingly, no one was harmed as a result. The ship was left ample room to maneuver through, and the threat of the electrically charged stormclouds above seemed to keep ISIS aircraft from maintaining a close pursuit. Several did manage to chase the ship past the gate, but were forced down by some sort of explosive flash, which one gatehouse worker described as “so damn bright that just the reflection off a cloudbank could blind you”. Another said it “looked like a spotting charge or something, but I’ve only ever heard of ‘em being used under water. Deep under. Looks like there’s a good reason for that.”

Although the ship made it out of the city unhindered, it was captured without incident by a combination of ESIS and ISIS task forces hours later. The perpetrators are being held at an unknown location.

Local officials and Serican Bounty representatives say the attack was doubtlessly perpetrated by the same anti-corporate ecoterrorists that have plagued Northreich for two decades. The complexity, execution, and budget of the attack, however, are all highly atypical. In a larger sense, the target is also strange, as similar strikes have all been against Serican Bounty employees and facilities, whereas this one seems to be centered around Moldis personnel. There are isolated rumors that Moldis was in fact the main target, and that mercenaries involved in the recent hospital raid orchestrated the strike.

Moldis and Serican Bounty have already assembled exceptional legal teams to deal with the incident, but one anonymous ISIS official commented “this one’s a hell of a lot more complicated than most people think. We’re dealing with a lot of very surprising evidence and unconventional requests from both flocks of corpie lawyers. Anyone who tells you they know where this will go in the next few days ain’t worth listening to.”

-Overcharge’s second New Hope appearance a stunning success.
-Venture ISIS Director executed for role in deadly raid.
- Unity forces continue siege of terrorist stronghold despite Equilibrium complaints and allegations of human rights violations.


Those damn Eco-terrorists!


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