Crackdown in Venture

Republican Media Conglomerate

Yesterday evening ISIS breaching vehicles positioned themselves around the Venture Central Hospital, owned by Moldis Medical Supply. Covered by dozens of patrol craft, they executed a massive attack against the top thirty stories of the building, unloading over 30 squads of personnel in one of the largest raids in recent memory. Reports of abduction and murder by local Moldis employees working out of the building have been mounting over the past months, especially among unregistered citizens taking shelter in the undercity area. The raid was apparently warranted when mercenaries hired by the hospital opened fire on an ISIS officer investigating the disappearances.

Eyewitnesses claim private contractors were operating on both sides, and we’ve even received word that the remnants of Aeon were fighting on site. Official reports indicate almost a hundred dead and many more injured, most from nonlethal munitions employed by ISIS agents. Among the dead are four civilians, one killed in crossfire, two more apparently executed by Moldis-hired mercenaries, and another from heart complications during the attack. Three ISIS officers lost their lives. Moldis officials claim as many as thirty civilian deaths, and estimate hundreds more resulting from equipment and logistical failures. All structural damage appears to be limited to the corporate areas targeted by the raid. The government has stepped in and taken control of hospital operations until they can be returned to Moldis.


Director Sarah O’Neil has been taken into custody, tried, and convicted for intentionally enabling the attack that, according to the Moldis legal team “cost hundreds of innocent lives without evidence, consideration, or purpose.” Charges include multiple instances of conspiracy, manslaughter, and murder alongside anti-state offenses. O’Neil has plead guilty to all counts and is slated for execution inside the month.

Several private contractors and Moldis security personnel have been released on grounds of proven self-defense. A number of Moldis officials remain in custody, and the corporation has filed a series of lawsuits against local authorities and the federal government. No other ISIS officers have been charged.

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-Crime Kingpin killed in explosion as competition for control Newhold’s smuggling operations continues.



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