Arcatia is a world in its death throes. Tectonic plates warp and collide, water rich with radioactivity and pollution flows over all but a tiny fraction of the surface, and omnipresent stormclouds hide a deadly ionosphere and the unseen sun that creates it.

Even as their environment strives to destroy them, the inhabitants of Arcatia cling to life. Massive cities whose foundations stand deep within the planet defy the fickle shifts of its crust. GEVs and VTOLs race ahead of devastating storms, while colossal watercraft plow through them without care. Artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and genetic manipulation give mankind an unnatural edge in an unnatural world. But for all their wonders, the people of Arcatia are crippled. They cannot reach into the stars and look down on their world from above; they cannot travel or speak across oceans without risking everything; they can’t even threaten to unleash their most powerful weapons, lest they strike a deadly blow to their dying world. And so, conflict reigns.

Supercorporations vie for power with national coalitions; mercenaries, pirates, and terrorists build their shadow empires at each others’ expense; and the rest suffer out their lives in the ruins civilization forgot.

Everyone wants their own piece of Arcatia.

And some want all of them.


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