Vision is one of Serica’s Wall cities, located just north of Haven and south of Southreich. It is a small, tight-knit city whose Protectorate-influenced culture holds itself as superior to the rest of Serica. Citizens of Vision tend to think of themselves as a cut above, and for the most part, they are.

At a permanent population of 1.2 million, Vision is one of the smallest Serican supercities. It does, however, house a wildly disproportionate number of government-funded and supercorporate universities, research labs, and cutting-edge individually-managed software firms almost unheard of elsewhere in the Commerce Republic. The arts do not go neglected either, with Inspire‘s hand clearly and constantly visible in the city’s affairs. This extreme academic and independent presence contributes heavily to Vision’s air of superiority, especially over the 2 million tourists, guest workers, and students who who inhabit the city but do not call it home. As Vision’s ‘undercity’ is occupied entirely by waterways, arts displays, gardens, environmental projects, and low-budget student housing, unregistered citizens have no natural haven and are so fairly rare. Those that can be found tend to either be passing through in search of unique opportunities or kept safe by a university or other institution that has acknowledged (and exploited) their value.

Archaeological evidence suggests that Vision has one of the longest histories of any Serican city, remaining an important site well into the Era of Silence, before the Collapse, and even through several pre-Collapse periods of turmoil. Unfortunately, the raw abundance of utterly incomplete and largely contradictory data has coupled with its inhabitants’ own tendency to fetishize anything that makes them more unique to render almost all of this history incoherent. It is obvious that humans had been building in Vision for hundreds of cycles before the Collapse, but in what order they were grim Regressor survivalists, zealous followers of a forgotten Dammadic sect, hyperprogressive cosmopolitans, an educated wartime elite, the greatest harbor and shipping center for hundreds of miles, and the cornerstone of a civil war is utterly unclear.

Vision houses one of two Protectorate ‘enclaves’ (essentially supermassive embassies with commercial and recreational territory) on the continent, with the other situated in Zenith. This draws even more to the city in search of rare and expensive Protectorate products, news from across the ocean, and other profitable results of cultural exchange.

Vision is officially home to Venator Security, though the majority of their production, research, and testing facilities are located in Haven and Outreach. Ironically, Venator headquarters abuts the Protectorate Enclave, which in part represents Venator’s fierce rival Aurora Arms. Vision also houses the headquarters of The Westfall Corporation and arts conglomerate Inspire.


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