The Great Unity of Progress

The Great Unity of Progress is a colossal communist republic dominating over half of Arcatia’s landmass and population. It stretches across three subcontinents: Vuskov, Hiasin, and Kharak. It’s political structure is difficult to decipher even to those holding office in it, with hundreds of appointed, elected, and military officials stretched across dozens of groups with wildly varying levels of power which interact in curious and unexpected ways, making for a unique combination of meritocracy, democracy, and autocracy. Surprisingly, these varied gears can often work together in perfect harmony, allowing for the calculated but swift reactions that have maintained national order for centuries. The Unity may have the lowest per-capita income of the four recognized states (with one-fifth that of The Serican Commerce Republic) but also sports the least income inequality (though critics say this is only because the unregistered inhabitants of the oppressed Kharak region are not taken into account).

As a communist state, the Unity does not officially participate in corporate trade. However, it does share ownership of Magnar Industrial with Serica, and is suspected of harboring the vast majority of the Cassian-Vakov Combine‘s manufacturing and development facilities. Interestingly, the Unity’s disapproval of Supercorporate domination has created a fertile environment for small-scale capitalism. Farmers and craftsmen are able to sell their products around the Unity territories and, given the resources, around the world, limited only by government taxation. The government also acts as a trading force, and offers surplus equipment, from agricultural supplies to fully-outfitted warships for sale at massively reduced prices. Because of this the Unity is an incredibly attractive destination for middle-class Sericans seeking to start their own businesses or even just enjoy natural food unable to pay the exorbitant prices charged by companies based in the Republic.

The Unity’s total paramilitary forces are larger than the entire populations of The Dassadin Protectorate and The Pax Equilibrium combined. The main body of their armed forces is characterized by mass troop deployments and heavily-armored, oversized vehicles. There is no separate police force, and all security issues are handled by military personnel. The crowning jewel of the Unity’s armed forces are their special operations divisions, The Sword of the State, or simply Swords. These elite soldiers are renowned across Arcatia as some of the most brutal, quick, and unstoppable killers on the planet. A wealth of footage from Unity interventions around the world support this idea.

The Unity is involved in a constant counterinsurgency in Kharak, where its control is not largely accepted by the populace. Some of the conflicts in this effort have been described as full scale battles or even wars within themselves, with untold thousands, perhaps millions, of lives lost. The Unity is also known to exert considerable control, both coercive and financial, over the nearby resource-rich islands of Jah. The Pax Equilibrium is one of the Unity’s sharpest critics, calling them on countless humanitarian violations that have flowered in the wake of their crusade to preserve order.

Many common Sericans see the Unity’s titanic military and aggressive behavior as a threat. ESIS itself, however, possesses a much more friendly outlook, born from their close cooperation in The Reformation War. Many Serican scholars also use the war to showcase why the Unity should not be feared, pointing out that they had little self-interest in entering the war, lost far more than the Commerce Republic, and gained relatively little, all without complaint or demand for compensation. The Unity’s interest is in preserving the status quo which has allowed them to remain strong for so long. They have no need to take over the world, it is said, because they already control everything they want.

Notable Unity Supercities:

Notable Unity Military Assets:
Courage Model All Purpose Aircraft
Resolve Model All Purpose Aircraft
Duty Model Assault VTOL
Intervention Model Rapid Response Aircraft
Legacy Model Multi-Role Aircraft
Order Model Special Purpose Aircraft
Sovereign Model Warship
Justice Model Seaborne Artillery Platform
Vigilance Model Surface to Air Suppression Platform
Execution Model Warship
Insight Model Corvette
Virtue Model Special Purpose Cruiser
Sacrifice Model Special Purpose Submersible
Dominion Model Warship (Antiquated)
Pride Model Warship (Antiquated)
Revolution Class Cruiser (Ancient)

Most weaponry used by the Unity is produced by the Cassian-Vakov Combine.

The Great Unity of Progress

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