Nearly every credit on Arcatia has been, at some point, in the hands of a Supercorporation. More than simply a large company, Supercorporations are practically nations unto themselves, defended by a legion of lawyers and ranks of private security officers. Though they are an inherently Serican invention, they can be found across the planet. The adversarial relationship between supercorporations and government is limited mostly to Serica, and the other nations of Arcatia do everything they can to keep the reigns on these economic powerhouses.

Almost every supercorporation has one or more of its own banks, capable of providing a variety of loans and financial options to employees and ‘outsiders’ alike. Each also functions as a self contained stock market. Investors can choose to put their money not just in the slow but sure growth of the company, but also to gamble on individual firms, divisions, and development programs that might have potential. Most employ protective measures to ensure money never leaves the corporation once invested. While a particular element may crash and be sold into worthlessness, the company can shift its financial weight and encourage others to pick up the slack, preventing significant loss of investors even with great shifts in the market.

Supercorporations have more than resources to encourage employee loyalty and expand their networks. Most sponsor their own education systems, up through graduate level programs in a variety of fields. Almost every private university bears a corporate logo. They purchase and rent housing facilities by the thousands, and provide incentives for using any and all ‘options’ they provide. Serican Supercorporations often employ their own security forces, bringing their authority and reach dangerously close to that of the government itself.

Absolon Universal is Arcatia’s largest supercorporation, with significant ties to the Serican government. Venator Security, Aerotech, and Eterrin Innovations also have exclusive arrangements with the Trade Republic. Valkore, The Insington Corporation, Moldis Medical Supply, Tier One, Serican Bounty, Kesterhearth and Edgeworks are all Serican in origin but have no special arrangements with the government. Worldbridge Global, The Westfall Corporation, Inspire, Network J (formerly The Juare Media Conglomerate) and Sentinel Communications are more conventional media and telecom conglomerates that offer very little in the way of physical products and services but whose extensive virtual holdings and influence over global multimedia allow them to retain relevance in the face of the supercorporate system. They are, however, under constant threat of nationalization or absorption by a more influential corporate power.

Magnar Industrial is a massive conglomerate shared by Serica and The Unity, while Isalis Atmospherics is shared with The Pax Equilibrium.

Dreamstate Consciousness Dynamics, Harvest Dawn Produce and Journey’s End are all based in the Equilibrium and have government ties there, but also trade with the Commerce Republic and provide extensive aid to other nations. None are permitted interaction with the Unity or the Protectorate.

Aurora Arms, Solaton Systems, and Eclipse Engineering are all bound to the Dassadin government under the Economic Singularity Accords, but trade around the world. Prescon Pharmaceuticals is Serican in origin but was purchased by the Protectorate in a massive buyout just before The War. The Stratus Firm is an ancient banking and investment conglomerate which is based in Dassadin but caters to a number of discerning international customers and Protectorate officials alike.

The Cassian-Vakov Combine has no official country of origin or state ties, but is believed to be secretly rooted in the Unity.

Lithis Chemical, formerly of The Rastakgan Hierarchy, continues to operate out of a number of locations.

The only Jahangi contribution to the supercorporate system is the broad but unorganized businesses of The Ancestor Initiative.


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