Renazik Order

Renazik Order is a generic term for a pre-collapse organization that arranged or was responsible for the destruction of the pre-Arcatian civilization, used the devastation to somehow consolidate or gain power, and still functions on some level in the present day. While many Arcatian groups trace their ancestry to pre-collapse entities, and some surely shoulder a measure of responsibility for the collapse, the idea that it was an intentionally orchestrated and beneficial event and that others would allow such a group to survive is what drives the concept of a Renazik Order out of academic discussion and into popular culture.

Where it absolutely thrives.

Numerous individuals have claimed to be members of, have discovered, or otherwise know about one Renazik Order or another over the cycles, and unrecordable numbers of such mythologies have been developed. From groups tied to a specific government, supercorporation, or faith that feast on an upswell of focused public outrage to more generalized conspiracies linking almost every major executor of power together during times of international economic depression, it seems the citizens of Arcatia (and Serica in particular) are never slow to imagine new enemies. The media is eager to follow, with endless fiction and even ‘documentaries’ and ‘reporting’ focused on the idea.

Believers would say that this overexposure and contrary information is exactly what their shadowy oppressors want. The better educated would simply say that in a world torn apart internationally, economically, atmospherically, and tectonically there is already sufficient cause for concern, and any organization capable of plotting it all together is either hopelessly doomed or utterly deserving of their eventual victory.

Renazik Order

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