Arcatia, and Serica in particular, is aswarm with mercenaries, private corporate security, contract killers, and all manner of people who make their living looking tough and killing stuff for currency. Mercenary work carries very little moral stigma (though the Unity and Protectorate go to great lengths to keep it discreet), and is heavily romanticized in popular culture. Of course, the omnipresence of corporate security alone means the average Serican citizen will interact with more paid security than uniformed government officers in their lives. Many of these are little more than a rented living deterrent, while others are exceptionally well-trained professionals that bring their own unique equipment and reputation to the table.

Most Supercorporations keep some form of private security on hand, no matter how limited or innocent their activities. Some, however, possess nothing short of private militaries, including militarized aircraft, warships, and squad upon squad of highly trained personnel outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. Those supercorporations particularly notorious for their combat contractors are as follows:
-Valkore (extensive combat drone and supporting forces)
-Aerotech (numerous aerial and seaborne interdiction forces, majority security forces in and around Newhold, significant industrial asset security forces)
-Venator Security (numerous specialist active operation units, limited but capable asset protection forces)
-Sentinel Communications (uncharacteristically large asset protection forces, extensive well-equipped communication regulation enforcement forces)
-Tier One (personal and client protection services, client asset protection services)
-Eterrin Innovations (asset protection and client security forces)
-Serican Bounty (extensive asset and agricultural protection forces, majority security forces in and around Northreich, Southreich, and debatably Riverstar.
-Eclipse Engineering/Solaton Systems/Prescon Pharmaceuticals/Aurora Arms (extensive asset protection forces, apparently separate from Protectorate defense forces but unknown if independent from each other)
-Lithis Chemical (surprising and disproportionate asset protection and proactive defense forces, apparently and violently separate from Rebirth and other ultranationalist factions.
-Magnar Industrial is a notable absence, as its security is, per international agreement, provided by the armed forces of its host nations. This is largely for the sake of international comfort, and saves Magnar enough money each quarter to theoretically field a private army one third the size of ESIS for a full cycle.
- Cas-Vak is also absent, though whether they have their own colossal security force or are just kept quietly safe by the Unity’s armed forces is unknown. Both are likely.
- Pax supercorporations do not field their own forces by law, though many are protected by ESIS and ISIS in Serica and members of the Seeker program at home.

Some supercorporations also turn those indebted to them into another form of mercenary. While government fines (and minor debts owed to more generous or humane private entities) are usually paid out through civil service or undesirable job postings when a client defaults, supercorporations faced with hopelessly indebted clients lacking useful skills (or possessing violent skills) often use these unfortunate individuals as ‘Blues’. Coming from “In the gray/In the blue”, an Arcatian saying for solvency and debt respectively, Blues are tasked with whatever dirty or otherwise offensive business a corporation is unwilling to become involved in, hopefully working off their debt in the process. Many supercorporations have entire departments staffed by blues, which by necessity are fired or turned over to the government for fining/service/execution when operations go awry. Though plenty are tasked with violence, the vast majority of blues are simply forced into otherwise unacceptable positions, from clawing thorium deposits out of ongoing undersea eruptions for Magnar to mining the treacherous middens of the pre-collapse world for plastics to be recycled by Aerotech or spooling fiber optic cable up winding, unstable routing towers for Sentinel.

Outside of major supercorporations, some notable mercenary ‘companies’ and private security contractors include:
Apex Tactical
Patriot Intervention
Aeon (effectively defunct)
Last Resort Enterprises, since split into Ironblood and Darksteel
The Forgotten


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