Kharak is a largely desolate subcontinental zone north of Vuskov. Its seas are dominated by unstable mountainous crags and nearly all of the surface is covered by feet of ash, sand, and silt over silicates and sandstone. No natural plant or animal life has been discovered in Kharak for over 400 years. All naturally occurring sources of fresh water in the area show dangerous levels of radioactivity.

Though all of Kharak falls within the borders of the Unity, only a tiny percentage of its population displays any sort of national loyalty. Most Kharaki people live isolated lives in tiny ruin villages centered around a single artificial garden, utterly unaware that any other human population exists. The vast majority of the continent is ignored by the world at large, with humanitarian aid from the Equilibrium being the only significant contact outside of Unity operations.

A number of groups in Kharak wage an ongoing insurgency against the Unity government, seeking autonomy, national recognition, and economic freedom for the region. Though mostly contained to the largest Kharaki population centers (the focus of numerous Unity counterterrorism operations), the insurgency is beginning to spill over to Vuskov and Hiasin, inspiring progressively more dangerous crackdowns.

Kharaki people typically have dark, tough skin, coarse black hair, and sunken brown, dark red, or black eyes. A voice made hoarse through inhalation of ash is common. They are generally considered quiet, stoic, and honorable. The rise of the insurgency has started to weaken these stereotypes, giving many (especially in the Unity) the impression that Kharakis are brash, rebellious, and violent as a people.

Sigrad is the official language of Kharak, though very few speak it. Almost the entire population is fluent in Hua’Di.


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