Fessariko Utricant Particulate

Fessariko Utricant Particulate is a fine, slightly lighter-than air powder that distributes excellently in natural atmosphere or internally circulated O2. One of Lithis Chemical’s more devastating creations, Fessariko was loaded in almost all Heartbreaker warheads in the last two years of The Reformation War and claimed an untold number of lives.

Fessariko is fine enough to defeat most passive filtration systems. It’s lightweight and conventional distribution mixes also cause it to leave an incredibly fine ‘film’ on almost any surface, and unlike other Phosgene compounds it does not decompose on contact with most metals. This makes Fessariko exceptionally dangerous even after the threat has passed, as targets with filtration systems or in a sealed environment may later expose themselves or simply act as a vector for other secondary victims.

As a Utricant, Fessariko causes necrotizing of the skin, devastating damage to the eyes, and a number of secondary pulmonary effects. However, Fessariko is fine enough to pass through a number of the barriers between organ systems, and internal necrosis is common within ten minutes of exposure. Instances of Fessariko damage to the frontal lobe of the brain through the eyes have been extensively recorded. Fessariko-tipped warheads are regularly mixed with a pressurized non-alkaline absorption accelerator (such as some alcohols and gaseous firefighting compounds) to bring the period of internal damage down to a devastating 30-60 seconds. ‘Masking’ or ‘initiating’ a Fessariko attack with an immediate-onset short-term neurotoxin is another common tactic when absorption accelerators would prove ineffectual. In co-ordinated multiple-chemical attacks during the war Fessariko would conventionally be reserved for the second or third strikes (or warhead stages, or barrages) to allow other compounds to damage filtration equipment or encourage its removal to enable accelerated absorption.

Pax, Protectorate and Unity authorities consider any production or transportation of Fessariko a high-level (in the Unity’s case, capital) offense due to its inherently dangerous nature and dearth of positive applications. No licensure or government direction exists to circumvent this. Though Serican law permits its production and transport, any release, accidental or otherwise, from contained storage is automatically considered both treason and initiation of a mass-casualty incident regardless of actual damage, both of which carry capital penalties. As such, Fessariko is technically more heavily regulated around the globe than enriched nuclear material, artificial intelligences, or the Mutagen and stands with immortality and quantum computing as one of the most controlled developments on the planet.

Fessariko Utricant Particulate

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