Dammadic Faiths

Apparently indigenous to Serica, Dammadic is a general term for faiths that hold the Collapse was caused by the judgment of a divine monitor or universal force. Most refer to this Judge as ‘God’, but do not seem concerned with differentiating their deity as an individual being or a sort of moral order inherent to the greater cosmos. Either way, this God tends to be omniscient, omnipotent, but utterly noninterventional outside of fulfilling its purpose of exacting judgment.

This is where things tend to diverge into the Mortalist and Eternalist tendencies. Dammadic Mortalists hold that Arcatia is a sort of purgatory for the human race, and that through good deeds and works to improve the planet humanity can eventually be rewarded with a more perfect world, a paradise. This would not be an afterlife or alternate dimension, but a very real utopia earned through the labor and moral purity of the species. Failure to do God’s work would condemn the planet to a Total Collapse, an apocalypse that would mark the end of the human story forever.

Dammadic Eternalists, on the other hand, hold that Arcatia is merely a purgatory for its individual inhabitants, who are truly immortal consciousnesses that were judged neither pure nor corrupt at the time of the Collapse, when the good were granted enlightenment and eternity while the evil were snuffed out and consigned to an oblivion outside of memory. By working to spread the faith and improve the lives of your fellow humans, thus encouraging them to go forth and do the same, one can prove that their consciousness is worthy of the creators company and join the worthy of the world before in eternity. If one is selfish, ruthless, and cruel to his fellows he proves only that God missed a spot, and has nothing to look forward but being struck forever from the memory of the eternal.

Many middle-class Sericans, as well as urbanites from Rastakgan, Jah, Vilum, and even the Protectorate identify as Dammadic Mortalists of some stripe. The more mystical Eternalist sects tend to appeal to more rural populations that embrace the concept of an eternal reward and special role for themselves over the colder, more realistic calculus of Mortalism.

Throughout the Era of Communication no organized violence has been conducted in the name of a Dammadic faith. Many Mortalist sects organize large-scale charity and environmental projects, while several Eternalists give up more comfortable lives to work as traveling physicians for unregistered citizens and other refugees around the globe, to the point that the foreign kind-hearted (albeit proselytizing) Eternalist is a stereotype in almost every culture.

Dammadic Faiths

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