Apex Tactical

Apex Tactical is a massive Serican private security company unlinked to any particular supercorporation. Apex predates the War, placing its official founding at 218 S.E.C., though elements of the company were acting as contractors as much as a decade before. It’s progenitors saw action in The Struggle for the Seas, while the company proper was employed in both Midstream Crises, the New Core Incidents, the Haven Incident, and a number of more minor terrorist threats. Interestingly, Apex was officially disbanded for the duration of the Reformation War itself, as its leadership at the time believed the situation called for loyal service in national armed forces, not detached profiteering. The company was reconvened eight decycles after the Fall of Jior.

Unlike some of the more notorious mercenary companies of the last century, Apex is not a small, tight-knit group backed by a web of unofficial connections, but is styled like a corporate hierarchy. The company employs over two hundred people, with administrative staff greater in number to field operatives, of which there are never more than 100 to preserve a sense of exclusivity. Apex employs almost exclusively Sericans, though a small number of Pax and ex- Rastakgic and Jahangi serve as well. There are no national service requirements; but those without prior armed forces experience may have difficulty making the cut as field operators. In addition to the hundred main field operators, a twenty-man rotating auxiliary unit is maintained for the training of new potential employees and rehabilitation or evaluation of those wounded on previous operations. Apex has a fairly high turnover rate, though that is less from the lethal nature of its work and more from the simple fact that three or so large operations gives most employees (especially field operatives) enough income to effectively retire and pursue a hobby career.

Apex Tactical typically deploys self-sufficient twenty-man units. In most situations, each unit is split into two small combat squads, a small command and control element (also responsible for any drones and electronic warfare used by the unit), and a pair of support vehicles. Most Apex training is done in the context of these units, and so larger operations are more likely to see the deployment of multiple units as-is around a central command structure rather than a total reorganization of forces. Apex is best known (and sells itself) for high-mobility operations and aerial support, claiming specialty in target extraction, rapid infil/exfil operations, direct sabotage, and other generally glamorous and professional-sounding situations. This has not, however, stopped them from accepting basic low-incidence escort and security services willing to meet their costs.

In its early years, Apex was employed largely by different bureaus of the Serican government against criminal and terrorist threats, though after the War their primary clients (and targets) have been Serican supercorporations, which they have worked for and against nearly all of. Apex does, however, continue to place the greatest portion of its publicity engine behind its few government contracts, emphasizing its service in defense of the Serican people and international peace over that in defense of corporate profits.

Apex Tactical

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