Though actually the model name for a specific Aerotech product, Angelbreath has since evolved into a generic term for compact, single or limited use electrochemical propellant weapons designed for disabling incoming missiles, ordnance, and in a pinch, enemies. A technology that has existed in one form or other going back centuries into the Era of Silence, the high cost and technological intricacy of its components have nonetheless maintained its reputation as an exotic or cutting-edge tool over hundreds of years of gradual innovation.

Current Angelbreath models are small, lightweight systems attached to miniature hardpoints on an aircraft, ship, or structute’s outer body. They are completely automated, existing in either an ‘on’ or ‘off’ state unless their operator has demanded direct control. When an incoming threat is detected, the Angelbreath system opens, re-angles to best engage the target, forms a widening, motion-tracking, and countermeasure-compensating firing solution, and sprays anywhere between a few hundred and several thousand 1-11mm silicate-lined lead projectiles, all in the space of a microsecond. Some models are reloadable, while others will simply detach themselves and drift to the surface on command or when their job is complete and they have calculated it safe to do so.

Intended as a defensive system, Angelbreath can nonetheless be directed against aircraft, soft targets, or anything else that needs to be filligreed with an abundance of metal. A heavier version, the Aerotech model of which is called the Angelfire but colloquially known as an ‘Angelfart’ or ‘Bad Touch’, exists for this express purpose. Occupying a proper hardpoint and with all of the advanced targeting systems you’d expect from a main-line weapons system, Angelfires and their equivalents project multi-yard cubes of devastating force, shredding lightly armored targets with ease and simultaneously striking each and every potential weakspot or vulnerability on a more fortified structure.

Angelbreath systems can be seen on some military, police, and high-end executive or civilian aircraft, ships, ground effect vehicles, buildings, and even some personal armor systems across Arcatia. Larger offensive versions tend to find homes almost exclusively on warships and the air superiority variant of the Vortex VTOL.


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