Absolon Universal

With a gross income of over 4 trillion credits last cycle (more than a quarter that of all Serica and greater than the entirety of The Equilibrium), there is little doubt that Absolon Universal is the largest supercorporation on the planet. Their ties with the Trade Republic are strong and stretch beyond the knowledge of all but those who created them. For as wealthy and titanic as Absolon may be, it has retained a surprising air of secrecy.

What is known is that they are one of the largest providers of computing systems and related products in the world. Almost any sophisticated piece of electronics, from civilian hand-computers to military tracking systems and corporate finance monitors, is made by Absolon or contains their parts. Alongside Valkore (with heavy restrictions), they are the only group authorized by the Serican government to experiment with and produce artificial intelligences, from simple autonomously reactive one-choice computers to sophisticated and truly intelligent machines.

Many look to this as the reason for the stunningly small number of human beings employed by the largest company on the planet. In fact, Absolon is unique among Serican corporations in that it is gradually losing manpower, and there is every reason to believe this reduction is purely intentional (working for Absolon is an enormously prestigious post; there is no shortage of qualified individuals who would love the job). The extent to which Absolon is automating is unknown, though rumors have it there are entire production facilities managed solely by machine.

Almost three hundred and fifty years ago, Absolon’s digital mastery was such that they claimed the first recreation of a human mind in a digital medium. This practice was eventually stopped by the Natural Hand Accord, but not before Absolon created an untold number of these ‘digital immortals’ from volunteers and their own employee base. Some have since been lost, but an unknown number remain in service to the corporation, lending their skills centuries after their bodies have withered to dust. The exact role and nature of their place inside the corporation is a subject on which Absolon has remained entirely silent.

Unwilling to settle for merely awe-inspiring, Absolon has a great hand in two other critical fields. Their Antimatter research divisions have changed the face of Arcatian power generation, first through inexpensive enough muon generation to make Muon-catalyzed ‘cold’ fusion possible. Though the reaction chambers themselves can be operated at much lower heat levels and can thus occupy far less space than conventional Fast Ignition fusion, the near instant degradation of muons means they must be located near (usually within) the significantly larger infrastructure required for energy efficient muon production. This ‘hobby’ has been further developed with the announcement of the Zenith antimatter labs transformation into a proper Antimatter power plant, due to shoulder the entirety of the capital’s energy burden in the immediate future. While Magnar hot fusion plants and Isalis renewable sources still account for the slight majority of Serica’s power, Absolon is close behind.

Their final great trade is atmospheric processing and terraforming. Absolon’s other specialties make pursuing this exceptionally expensive field much more feasible. In this arena, Absolon’s contributions remain largely theoretical, though the future promises that trillions of dollars of research and development will soon be brought into the light.

Absolon Universal

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