The Azis Mandate

For the Consideration of the Councils and Administration of the Commerce Republic

The following is presented in Commercial for absolute clarity and your certain understanding.

The current state of international affairs is no longer acceptable. It has become clear that preserving the human, economic, geographic, political, cultural, and intellectual integrity of the Dassadin Protectorate, as well as its citizens and interests across Arcatia, demands radical action.

This is not a treaty. It does not require your agreement or ratification. You will not be expected to divert resources towards it’s enforcement. This will be the only copy released outside of our own Hall of State; all further duplication and dissemination is the sole responsibility of the parties to which it is addressed.

This is a statement of policy which The Dassadin Protectorate will execute, to the best of its ability and in its absolute totality, effective one hundred hours from its confirmed receipt.

These points are non-negotiable, and will only be altered or rescinded at the discretion of the Protectorate.

First, let it be known that any entity entering Protectorate territory, to include a special security buffer extending sixty standard miles from its current boundaries but not overlapping existing territorial waters, without the express permission of the Executive Conclave, Defense Commission, Economic Singularity Pact Coordination Commission, or special authorization of the Stratus Firm or Lisan Interchange Commission, will be considered as engaged in active armed conflict with the Protectorate and responded to accordingly.

Second, that the Protectorate is ceding its territorial Enclave in Zenith to the Commerce Republic, with complete transfer of authority and property to take place not later than one thousand hours from receipt of this Mandate. The site of the Enclave in Vision will remain Protectorate territory, under the full considerations of the First Clause.

Third, that any entity originating from the Commerce Republic, a Supercorporation headquartered in the Commerce Republic, or otherwise authorized or under the control of a citizen of the Commerce Republic may be subjected to search and/or seizure up to twenty hours in duration by Protectorate authorities in international territory. Refusal to comply with a search or seizure request will be considered an initiation of armed conflict with the Protectorate. The exceptions provided by the First Clause may be made to such entities to facilitate continuation of existing interactions demanding expedience. Authorized agents of the Unity may similarly except a Serican entity insofar as they provide a complete manifest of its expected itinerary and disposition, and accept full responsibility for its actions during the excepted period. Entities found to present a reasonable capacity or intent to inflict harm upon Protectorate interests may be detained indefinitely, until such time as criminal charges can be filed, any threat they represent can be mitigated in its entirety, or the Commerce Republic provides coverage for the costs of their deportation back to its territory.

Fourth, that any future expansion of Commerce Republic territory beyond its current publicly stated holdings as elaborated by the Coastal Safety Zone Agreement and Heartland Seas Treaty, as well as all official exceptions thereto recognized by Commercial law at the time of this Mandate’s receipt, will not be recognized by the Protectorate as legitimate. This includes but is in no way limited to Pelagic, Antarctic, former Rastakgic, former Jahangi, or any territory that may be voluntarily ceded to the Republic by Pax Equilibrium or Unity authorities, regardless of the context of its acquisition.

Fifth, that any entity claiming independence from the Commerce Republic, including entities created on previously independent territory such as but not limited to the Congressman, Midstream Special Administrative Zone, and former Rastakgic territories, shall be considered bound by the Third Clause until such time that another sovereign state naturalizes or otherwise assumes complete accountability for its actions, or the entity or entity’s point of origin is officially recognized by the Judicial Conclave as an independent or sovereign actor.

Sixth, that any inconveniences caused by the inherent difficulties of disseminating an actionable form of the Mandate on a global scale in a short timeframe, while unfortunate, will result in no special exemption or consideration. Entities which may find themselves in noncompliance will be advised of their situation by Protectorate authorities until the Mandate goes into effect.

Let these Six Orders stand, clear and untested, well into a brighter, more secure future for Arcatia and all its peoples.

-Signed in Unanimity by the High Chancellor and all Representatives of the Five Conclaves



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