LIVE BREAKING: Azis Tower Terror

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(Correspondent):…it looks like the tanker is now mak-is now being allowed to make its final approach to Azis tower. You can actually hear the engines reversing to slow the ship. It-I’m no expert but it certainly looks and sounds as if it’s working against a full cargo load.

(Anchor): And that-if ISIS is going to intervene they may well be running out of time. Your thoughts?

(Special Advisor, Former Team Leader Garson): This is-I cannot overstate that this is a national, in international security situation, Ted. Zenith‘s ice is-is the top of their game, and it’s safe to assume they’re working with ESIS and private security forces. I could-I have theories on what might be going on. ISIS has options other than blowing in the windows and shooting, but-I don’t think discussing them here will do them or the people in that tower any good.

A: I understand, but don’t the people of Zenith des…

TLG: I also, and this is well outside my purview, but we also have to assume this is linked to the attack on the Enclave in Vision, and that The Protectorate is having a pretty strong say in the security response right now. So I really can’t say how exactly this is going to break down.

A: But from your experience inside the security services, what if it comes down to the call Mr. Mennask is trying to force?

TLG: Ted?

A: Will ISIS negotiate-will they give M. Mennask what he asked for to save the people in Azis tower?

TLG: It’s a complicated situation with a lot of powerful, moving parts. Assuming it’s going to develop how M. Mennask planned, even without people working against him, is-

A: I asked you a question, M. Garson.

TLG: The ship’s there, isn’t it? ISIS’ charter is to defend the citizens of its city, not the interests of foreign powers or corporations. I imagine they’ll do that.

A: But that’s-that’s a little idealistic, given that we’re dealing with-with as you said, a complicated situation with-

TLG: Look. Right now the best chance those people-the best chance anyone-has is if we stop speculating and remind people to shelter in place and continue following ISIS’ instructions. Make no mistake, this is a tough time, and people could get hurt. But if you-if you really want to stop that and stay safe yourself. Your-really your only-bet is to step back and let the people trying to stop this do their jobs.

A: Thank you M. Garson. (line cuts). But how far is ISIS willing to go to stop the threat? And who else might be waiting to stay their hand?

C: Ted, the tanker has passed under the outer scaffold of the d-of the Azis tower docks.




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