The Azis Mandate
For the Consideration of the Councils and Administration of the Commerce Republic

The following is presented in Commercial for absolute clarity and your certain understanding.

The current state of international affairs is no longer acceptable. It has become clear that preserving the human, economic, geographic, political, cultural, and intellectual integrity of the Dassadin Protectorate, as well as its citizens and interests across Arcatia, demands radical action.

This is not a treaty. It does not require your agreement or ratification. You will not be expected to divert resources towards it’s enforcement. This will be the only copy released outside of our own Hall of State; all further duplication and dissemination is the sole responsibility of the parties to which it is addressed.

This is a statement of policy which The Dassadin Protectorate will execute, to the best of its ability and in its absolute totality, effective one hundred hours from its confirmed receipt.

These points are non-negotiable, and will only be altered or rescinded at the discretion of the Protectorate.

First, let it be known that any entity entering Protectorate territory, to include a special security buffer extending sixty standard miles from its current boundaries but not overlapping existing territorial waters, without the express permission of the Executive Conclave, Defense Commission, Economic Singularity Pact Coordination Commission, or special authorization of the Stratus Firm or Lisan Interchange Commission, will be considered as engaged in active armed conflict with the Protectorate and responded to accordingly.

Second, that the Protectorate is ceding its territorial Enclave in Zenith to the Commerce Republic, with complete transfer of authority and property to take place not later than one thousand hours from receipt of this Mandate. The site of the Enclave in Vision will remain Protectorate territory, under the full considerations of the First Clause.

Third, that any entity originating from the Commerce Republic, a Supercorporation headquartered in the Commerce Republic, or otherwise authorized or under the control of a citizen of the Commerce Republic may be subjected to search and/or seizure up to twenty hours in duration by Protectorate authorities in international territory. Refusal to comply with a search or seizure request will be considered an initiation of armed conflict with the Protectorate. The exceptions provided by the First Clause may be made to such entities to facilitate continuation of existing interactions demanding expedience. Authorized agents of the Unity may similarly except a Serican entity insofar as they provide a complete manifest of its expected itinerary and disposition, and accept full responsibility for its actions during the excepted period. Entities found to present a reasonable capacity or intent to inflict harm upon Protectorate interests may be detained indefinitely, until such time as criminal charges can be filed, any threat they represent can be mitigated in its entirety, or the Commerce Republic provides coverage for the costs of their deportation back to its territory.

Fourth, that any future expansion of Commerce Republic territory beyond its current publicly stated holdings as elaborated by the Coastal Safety Zone Agreement and Heartland Seas Treaty, as well as all official exceptions thereto recognized by Commercial law at the time of this Mandate’s receipt, will not be recognized by the Protectorate as legitimate. This includes but is in no way limited to Pelagic, Antarctic, former Rastakgic, former Jahangi, or any territory that may be voluntarily ceded to the Republic by Pax Equilibrium or Unity authorities, regardless of the context of its acquisition.

Fifth, that any entity claiming independence from the Commerce Republic, including entities created on previously independent territory such as but not limited to the Congressman, Midstream Special Administrative Zone, and former Rastakgic territories, shall be considered bound by the Third Clause until such time that another sovereign state naturalizes or otherwise assumes complete accountability for its actions, or the entity or entity’s point of origin is officially recognized by the Judicial Conclave as an independent or sovereign actor.

Sixth, that any inconveniences caused by the inherent difficulties of disseminating an actionable form of the Mandate on a global scale in a short timeframe, while unfortunate, will result in no special exemption or consideration. Entities which may find themselves in noncompliance will be advised of their situation by Protectorate authorities until the Mandate goes into effect.

Let these Six Orders stand, clear and untested, well into a brighter, more secure future for Arcatia and all its peoples.

-Signed in Unanimity by the High Chancellor and all Representatives of the Five Conclaves

LIVE BREAKING: Azis Tower Terror
Network J LiveRazor


(Correspondent):…it looks like the tanker is now mak-is now being allowed to make its final approach to Azis tower. You can actually hear the engines reversing to slow the ship. It-I’m no expert but it certainly looks and sounds as if it’s working against a full cargo load.

(Anchor): And that-if ISIS is going to intervene they may well be running out of time. Your thoughts?

(Special Advisor, Former Team Leader Garson): This is-I cannot overstate that this is a national, in international security situation, Ted. Zenith‘s ice is-is the top of their game, and it’s safe to assume they’re working with ESIS and private security forces. I could-I have theories on what might be going on. ISIS has options other than blowing in the windows and shooting, but-I don’t think discussing them here will do them or the people in that tower any good.

A: I understand, but don’t the people of Zenith des…

TLG: I also, and this is well outside my purview, but we also have to assume this is linked to the attack on the Enclave in Vision, and that The Protectorate is having a pretty strong say in the security response right now. So I really can’t say how exactly this is going to break down.

A: But from your experience inside the security services, what if it comes down to the call Mr. Mennask is trying to force?

TLG: Ted?

A: Will ISIS negotiate-will they give M. Mennask what he asked for to save the people in Azis tower?

TLG: It’s a complicated situation with a lot of powerful, moving parts. Assuming it’s going to develop how M. Mennask planned, even without people working against him, is-

A: I asked you a question, M. Garson.

TLG: The ship’s there, isn’t it? ISIS’ charter is to defend the citizens of its city, not the interests of foreign powers or corporations. I imagine they’ll do that.

A: But that’s-that’s a little idealistic, given that we’re dealing with-with as you said, a complicated situation with-

TLG: Look. Right now the best chance those people-the best chance anyone-has is if we stop speculating and remind people to shelter in place and continue following ISIS’ instructions. Make no mistake, this is a tough time, and people could get hurt. But if you-if you really want to stop that and stay safe yourself. Your-really your only-bet is to step back and let the people trying to stop this do their jobs.

A: Thank you M. Garson. (line cuts). But how far is ISIS willing to go to stop the threat? And who else might be waiting to stay their hand?

C: Ted, the tanker has passed under the outer scaffold of the d-of the Azis tower docks.


A Hard Truth
Inspire Information Services

The research arm of The Stratus Firm recently published an article entitled ‘A Broken Nation’, referring not to the Protectorate that lost its Enclave but the Commerce Republic that hosted it It was presented as a factual evaluation, backed by purported exclusive Protectorate sources, of the deeply troubling events that recently shook Vision and claimed some twenty-seven thousand human lives from three nations. As always, our staff strives to offer a more comprehensive and enlightening perspective on global events, and unfortunately as a result we have no choice but to condemn this article, its authors, the Firm, and whatever other parties may have been responsible for its release. Inspire strives for impartiality above all else, and recognizes that unreliable information is every bit as dangerous as a reliable weapon, and far harder to control.

The victims of the attack in Vision deserve the sympathy of all peoples. Of this there is no doubt. But the Firm’s assertion that Serica’s internal econopolitical divisions, immigration policies, and multicultural tolerance hold a significant measure of responsibility for the catastrophe both exacerbates tension and diverts attention from a number of compromising facts that display a more complicated image.

Purportedly leaked Protectorate communications assign planning responsibility for the attack to an individual named Samuel Hunter, a mysterious figure Protectorate intelligence services also apparently suspect for the recent incident on former Serican President Michael Keyman‘s estate. However, publicly available Worldbridge Global archives show that Mr. Hunter is more likely a purchase alias used by a number of unrelated small time criminal operations, the most recent of which was forcefully disbanded in a small naval engagement in the Serican interior involving Valkore and other supercorporate assets. It is true that the Local Council inquiry into the explosion on President Keyman’s estate has yet to release official findings, but it is reasonable to believe there would be some sign of action if terrorism was suspected. Since there has been none, the most logical conclusion available is that the original ISIS findings consistent with a tragic accident are correct. In turn, this would imply that there is no Samuel Hunter, and the Protectorate’s apparent fascination with him is simply misdirection to mask other avenues of inquiry.

One such avenue is the curious decision to, until recently, report the recent large scale web update outage affecting Lisan as a technical difficulty, and not the deliberate attack they have now claimed it to be. While any number of cases can be made and supported regarding internal friction and even violence in Serican affairs, it hardly seems reasonable to assign blame when your own state is still reeling from a devastating attack on its soil. Less so when you take into account that at least two Protectorate Chancellors have had their terms cut short by assassination since the War alone.

Finally, there is the matter of the Protectorate’s actions during and immediately after the destruction of their Enclave. An official investigation has been launched into the death of a number of ISIS and first responder personnel near the scene, though a number of publicly available videos appear to show close-range air engagements between them and unidentified aircraft appearing to incorporate Protectorate technology and design elements. The matter is complicated by an apparent Protectorate raid on a moored private contractor vessel before the dust cloud from the collapsing enclave had even reached its apex, an interesting course of action in the midst of an emergency situation. Public emergency broadcasts indicate the raid was linked to the harbor shutdown that persisted for almost half a decycle after the incident, only ending after a small ESIS/ISIS task force returned to the ship. Once again, leaked Protectorate web traffic indicates that ‘Samuel Hunter’ was somehow in control of the vessel, though widely available Worldbridge records show the ship linked to a team of private contractors that has served a number of interests in Serica and likely abroad.

A team whose previous ship was destroyed in an engagement with Apex Tactical and Valkore contractors suspected of attacking Protectorate infrastructure and personnel. What they were doing in close proximity to the Enclave when it fell, and why the Protectorate saw fit to retaliate with lethal force, is unclear.

A ‘Broken Nation’, indeed.

These are simply the facts. Unlike the Stratus Firm and any number of others, we will not hold any particular party responsible when there is simply not sufficient evidence to do so. We ask only that you keep an open mind, and encourage all responding to the incident, both personally and professionally, to act on the truths available, however frightening, disturbing, or inconvenient, rather than feelings based on falsehood.

Please keep the families of those lost in your hearts and the lessons they taught in mind.

Also from Inspire:

-Supercell Judgment officially named by Isalis Analysts, claims 100th victim.

-Second consecutive week passes with no sightings of missing Jahangi trade city, feared lost with all hands.

- Unity military forces maintain blockade around civilian protester held shipping repair facilities near Masra.


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